Laundry, Washing And Fold Services Provided In Khalifa City And All Across Abu Dhabi

At Asfar Laundry, we save you from the burden of everyday washing and Ironing your clothes, so that you can utilize your precious time for resting or for entertainment. We are the dry cleaning Abu Dhabi and all around UAE, bringing you our expert services of laundry washing, dry cleaning and ironing with the standard methods of professional laundry.


How Asfar Laundry washing service works?

• Just make a call and do a booking for laundry washing service at Asfar Laundry.

• Schedule a home pickup and we will collect & sort your things fast.

• We clean and fold your laundry expertly and deliver your clothes within 24hrs.


Washing services for all kinds of cloth materials

We offer washing services for all kinds of clothes, diverse range of fabrics and linen, without depriving the material quality and color.

Our service adheres to the highest standards

We don’t compromise in quality of our service. Our laundry washing service follows standard methods of the industry and treats your clothes with utmost care.

Saves your time and money

There is nothing better than getting a regular help for doing laundry. And that is what we offer. Asfar laundry collects your clothes, gets them cleaned and folded and deliver at your doorstep within 24 hrs. Quality matters more than cost. We save your time and do your laundry at affordable costs.

Delivering Excellence

We wash laundry with standard quality procedures, fold uniformly without any wrinkles, sort & stack neatly, bundle together tightly and return your items perfectly within a day.

Best Laundry service in UAE

We are highly reviewed laundry service in UAE for our professional service and fastest delivery. Schedule a home pickup with Asfar Laundry fast.