One Stop Laundry Solution in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi

Asfar Laundry is an attempt to provide quality and affordable service to fulfill all laundry needs of the community. We have upgraded our service to bring the standard features in various laundry services for getting you the finest garments in hand. We are striving to provide you with laundry, dry cleaning and Ironing services for garments, that are unique & one of its own kind. Get flexible slots for your laundry or dry cleaning requirement at fair and competitive prices.

We make your laundry easier, through our professional on-demand garment care, dry cleaning and ironing service at affordable pricing and quick delivery. We are aware of your busy and high powered life and hence provide a hassle-free door step service. Asfar laundry is well acquainted with the demands of our customers and hence we take effort to put our capabilities at its best, as we value our client’s time, money and satisfaction. Our online Laundry service has a vision to focus on quality, trust and superior customer service for every service we offer. We provide our services for laundry in Mohammed Bin Zayed City and various other cities in UAE and continue to strive for a better performance every time.