03 Sep
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How To Choose The Best Laundry Service?

It can be challenging to choose the best laundry service that guarantees excellent cleaning services. There are innumerable laundry services around, which are equally and highly competitive to each other. Even with this huge options, you might end up hiring a poor laundry service and ruin your expensive clothes. Asfar laundry is acknowledged as one […]

curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi
05 Aug
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   How Do You Clean Your Good Quality Curtains

Curtains have become popular nowadays as an embellishment to your interiors. Curtains not only redesigns your home but also is saviour from dust and excess sunlight. It is also a good accessory in your home to secure privacy if the windows are transparent. But have you noticed, how dirty your curtains can get and lose […]

16 Jul
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How To Avoid Damaging Your Dress: Which is Best, Dry Cleaning or Washing?

It is well known that both washing and dry cleaning can clean your clothes. However both the processes are not only different but the cleaning effect they give is also different. The products, machines and the stages involved in washing and dry cleaning are varied. Doing laundry is a tedious and time consuming job. On […]

06 Jun
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10 Secrets For Dry Cleaning Your Clothes And Not Going Broke

Dry cleaning is often perceived to be expensive but people are often unaware that dry cleaning services can be availed at a cost effective method. The advantages of the dry cleaning process are many and a professional dry cleaning service is a long term investment. Dry cleaning is different from traditional cleaning. You cannot wash […]

04 May
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What To Do With Your Laundry When You’re On Travel

Taking care of laundry while travelling is always a difficult chore. If you are travelling for many days carrying around used clothes can be frustrating. During travel there are many tips to do laundry which you can follow to make your travel smooth and worry free. While going for travel people also tend to forget […]