04 May
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What To Do With Your Laundry When You’re On Travel

Taking care of laundry while travelling is always a difficult chore. If you are travelling for many days carrying around used clothes can be frustrating. During travel there are many tips to do laundry which you can follow to make your travel smooth and worry free. While going for travel people also tend to forget to do laundry for the clothes which are piled at home. Getting home after travel can be annoying and unpleasant experience for you in such cases. Your home will smell bad. After a tiring journey no one would want to enter into a bad smelling home. Washing and dry cleaning of clothes before and after travel is also therefore important. For your entire laundry requirement Asfar Laundry online laundry services Abu Dhabi is at your service. Before and after your travel give us a call we will come and pick up your clothes and after service will return the clothes at your doorstep.

Methods to handle your laundry while travelling

Laundry Bags

While travelling carrying a laundry wash bag is a good option. These bags come in handy especially for campers and backpackers. Laundry can be cleaned quickly anywhere using laundry wash bags. These bags are convenient to carry while travelling.

Choose clothes wisely

It is recommended to carry clothes like woollen dress, denim pants and so on while travelling. Such clothes do not get spoiled quickly and does not require frequent washing. If you prefer lightweight clothes you can pack clothes which are quick to dry.

Give your clothes to the nearest laundry service

You can search for the best laundry service near your place of stay and give it to them while travelling. Professional laundry service providers will take care of the laundry and return it to you neatly. Add-on service of pressing and folding are also given by efficient laundry service providers. Asfar Laundry offers laundry and dry cleaning in Baniyas and is also well known for delivering the service of best laundry in Abu Dhabi. Customers can use our online laundry services Abu Dhabi. Directly contact us and we will immediately carry out the service and will deliver back your clothes in record time.

Hand wash clothes

If you are staying at a fixed place for a prolonged period then you can hand wash your clothes. Hand washing clothes is not practical if you change places frequently, in such situations you will have no choice to dry the clothes. If you are planning to wash clothes in this manner make sure you have enough soap and detergent with you. Carrying portable travel clothesline is also a good option.

Even if you hand wash your clothes it is recommended to give your clothes to professional laundry service after you return from your travel.

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