03 Sep
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How To Choose The Best Laundry Service?

It can be challenging to choose the best laundry service that guarantees excellent cleaning services. There are innumerable laundry services around, which are equally and highly competitive to each other. Even with this huge options, you might end up hiring a poor laundry service and ruin your expensive clothes. Asfar laundry is acknowledged as one of the best laundry service in Abu Dhabi for the most practical and efficient services that we provide. And here we are to help you get the best friend for your clothes.

Pickup and delivery options

The motive of hiring a laundry service in the first place is to minimize your work load and procure time for other productive and fun activities. But it would not happen, if you are still in charge to take your dirty clothes to the laundry service and remember to pick them up in the middle of something fun. So the first criteria to pool the best laundry service is that to check if it offers pickup and delivery service at your doorstep whenever you need it. You can ensure the maximum out of your free time if the hired laundry service provides pick up and delivery service.

Pricing and payment setup

When it comes to business, transparency is the key. You need to choose a laundry service which is very clear in turns of its pricing and payment setup. A flexible pricing system is the most cost effective, like most of the laundry service set the pricing based on weight of the laundry, and additional fees for large items or fabrics that need to be specially treated or taken care of. It would be woohoo! If they are charging based on the quality of their service, products used etc. The best laundry service in Abu Dhabi like ours also facilitate monthly charges via debit card or credit card.

Use of professional equipment

A laundry service which has professional equipments and quality cleaning agents will ensure efficient results. Your clothes will enjoy proper washing, steaming, ironing, mending, pressing and folding. Ensure that they use the safest cleaning agents such as detergents, softners, bleach and more which will not damage your fabric. Asfar laundry strongly makes sure we use eco friendly cleaning agents and also those are less prone to be allergic


High level of cleanliness is one of the major factor that helps you determine the best laundry service in Abu Dhabi. You can prefer laundry services that wash clothes separately and the place of the laundry can also say a lot of things.

Services provided

It is better to opt for laundry services that offer multiple services so that you do not have to search for new laundry service every time for each fabric. You can always go for laundry services that serves beyond usual laundry like dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, wedding gown cleaning or which has all of them. The laundry service that is versatile will help to custom wash your clothes.

Damage and loss policy

After all, it humans who is handling the bunch of laundry services, so there are chances of mistakes now and then. But they must be able to rectify and compensate for the damage caused by the team. So it is important to choose a laundry service that provides its client with a damage or loss policy. This will also ensure the quality of their services.

Follow the above tips that has made many families or clients to enjoy excellent laundry service of asfar laundry.