16 Jul
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How To Avoid Damaging Your Dress: Which is Best, Dry Cleaning or Washing?

It is well known that both washing and dry cleaning can clean your clothes. However both the processes are not only different but the cleaning effect they give is also different. The products, machines and the stages involved in washing and dry cleaning are varied.

Doing laundry is a tedious and time consuming job. On top of that no one wants to get their clothes damaged and deteriorated with poor cleaning methods. So while planning to do laundry the question of which method to employ, regular washing or dry cleaning may arise. The first and the primary thing which you have to do is to look at the labels in your clothes. The label usually contains whether the fabric is suitable for regular washing or not. Clothes which have prints, sequence works etc and are made of materials like denim, silk, wool etc will most probably have the label of dry clean.

Dry cleaning can be done for almost all types of clothes without damaging the fabric but this is not the case with washing. Clothes with sensitive fabric on regular washing will get damaged. Fabrics like silk, wool, leather, suede etc will get damaged and become not fit to use through regular washing methods. It is best to get the service of professional dry cleaners to wash such clothes. Fabrics like rayon and other acrylic garments can shrink if washed hence dry cleaning is suitable for such clothes too.

While water and detergents are used in the process of traditional washing methods in dry cleaning solvents and specialized machines are employed. Dry cleaning eliminates fabric distortion, loss of colour, fabric shrinking etc. They will help to maintain the quality of the garments and make them last longer. Fabrics such as chiffon and velvet are also best suited for dry cleaning for preserving the quality. You don’t want your favourite and expensive clothes to get damaged by choosing the wrong laundry methods. Professional dry cleaning make the clothes last longer.

While looking for laundry services in Abu Dhabi, it is vital to choose the best laundry in Abu Dhabi. Professional service provider of dry cleaning Abu Dhabi will have standard quality equipments and will give excellent service. Asfar Laundry the finest place for dry cleaning Abu Dhabi is well equipped with all the necessary resourced to offer unparalleled laundry services in Abu Dhabi.

Clothes should be given for dry cleaning if:

– they are made of sensitive fabric
– if they are made of unfamiliar fabric
– you want to remove the stubborn stains
– you want to maintain the quality of the garments
– the garment is expensive and you don’t want to risk ruining it by washing it
– there are special works on the garments like sequence works, embroidery, beads, prints etc
– the linings of the garment is made of sensitive fabric material
– there is chance of colour bleeding

Even though dry cleaning is generally considered to be expensive they are long term investments since it make the clothes last longer and help in preserving the quality of the garments. There are also professional laundry services in Abu Dhabi who charges only affordable rate for their service. Asfar Laundry, the service provider of best laundry in Abu Dhabi offers the most cost effective option of dry cleaning Abu Dhabi.