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05 Aug
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   How Do You Clean Your Good Quality Curtains

Curtains have become popular nowadays as an embellishment to your interiors. Curtains not only redesigns your home but also is saviour from dust and excess sunlight. It is also a good accessory in your home to secure privacy if the windows are transparent. But have you noticed, how dirty your curtains can get and lose its charm without regular cleaning.

Maintaining your curtains require its proper care. While you decide to clean your good quality curtains, you should be careful not to damage the fabric and designs of the curtains. The best recommendation would be to hire a good professional laundry service like ours, Asfar Laundry, best laundry in Abu Dhabi who will be acknowledged with different types of fabric and their proper treatment. Some fabrics of the good quality curtains are prone to damage with normal washing and hence it will require a dry cleaning which will be available at any good laundry with curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

Has your designer curtains lost its shine? Grab them and bring to the best curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to give it a fine makeover. We also let you educate how to maintain your good quality curtains.

A neat curtain adds to the ambience of the room and thereby it is crucial to maintain them.

Checklist of Do’s Don’ts when you clean your curtains.


Even if sometimes the good quality fabric curtains claim to be washable, normal washing can shrink the edges or seams and lining of the curtains. Opting for dry cleaning at our place, with expertized curtain cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, can save your curtains from losing its texture and shine. Make sure the curtains and drapes with stitched in pleats, swags or other extensive ornamentation or embellishments should be given for dry washing as their texture cannot withstand normal washing or manual washing.


Some fabrics just might require brushing them off from time to time with a chamois cloth dipped in hot water and wrung out carefully and completely, like that of velvet draperies. Make sure not to twist or wring the silk curtains rather just swish gently in lukewarm or cool water using a mild liquid detergent.

At Asfar Laundry, we provide the best curtain cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, while taking care of each fabric with specific care, products and treatment methods.


Your curtains might have turned fragile due to long term sun exposure. So while washing the good quality curtains ensure to use mild detergent. Also ensure not to put the clothes to dry in high heat, rather a cloth dryer or no heat, delicate setting can do the job.

To provide the best curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Asfar Laundry has a drying setting conditions and procedures for each type of fabric. We ensure to take care of your fabric all the way from picking up, washing, drying, fine edged ironing, and delivery.


Even when the sheer curtains do not look dirty, it is important to wash them regularly. As time goes on, it attracts dirt to discolour the sheer curtains. You have to ensure to use mild detergent and a gentle wash.


When your curtains have got a deep cleaning, the maintenance does not end there. You have to regularly dust the curtains or vacuum to keep them dust free and to survive long for next deep cleaning.

Some simple things to keep in mind when you take care for your curtains.

• You have to remove the hook and heavy objects from the curtains before you place them for wash.
• You have to simply dust them before you place them for wash.
• You have to make sure the curtains are still damp when you iron them.

Next time when your curtains seem dull and sad, bring them to Asfar Laundry. Our best curtain cleaning service in Abu Dhabi will ensure a good bath for your curtains to be cheerful again.

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