14 Oct
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Expert Tips To Iron Your Clothes Professionally

Who does not love wearing well-cleaned and ironed clothes to the office daily? But do you find trouble ironing your clothes that resemble a professional touch? Asfar laundry is renowned as the best laundry in Abu Dhabi and provides quality ironing service in Abu Dhabi. We realize the finish you enjoy with ironed clothes from a reliable ironing service in Abu Dhabi, but it might not always be possible to hire a professional ironing service. So here we are to guide you through the steps to iron your clothes professionally.

A simple step-by-step guide to ironing your clothes

Clean iron is the key to cleanly ironed clothes

If you are going to steam function, it is important to check that you do not leave stains or marks on your clothes from a dirty iron. Before setting your clothes to iron, make sure that the iron is perfectly cleaned.

Follow the specifications in the care label

Each fabric is different, and each of them demands different care. Check the care label of your clothes to know how to iron the specific fabric or if it allows ironing. Run your eyes carefully for the safe iron symbol on the care label, and if you don’t find it, check the material and the manual to follow the safe ironing of your clothes.

Set up your ironing space

An ironing board will give you the best results, as it is designed to absorb heat and moisture. Ironing on inflammable surfaces is strictly denied.

Iron filled with water will give appreciable results

To use the steam function, take an iron which has a water reservoir with an entry point near the top edge of the iron. Using filtered water will help you avoid calcium build-up and clogged steam sprouts.

Ensure the right heat is required for your clothes

By turning the dial, heat the iron to the required heat for the clothing you wish to iron.

Always go first with lighter clothes

Clothes which require a low heat setting should be ironed first to ensure the usage of energy and the safety of your clothes. You can start with clothes that require a low heat setting, then medium ones and finally, that can stand high heat value.

Some common ironing clothes tips to iron them neatly:

For wrinkle-free ironing spread the cloth and lay it completely flat on the ironing board. Start with a slow pace, and iron firmly through the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles. Also, make sure that you iron each part of your cloth individually. If you are ironing a shirt, first smooth out the collar, then iron the cuffs, followed by the sleeves, and shoulder and then finally iron the front and back of the main body of your shirt. Do not keep your iron in a single place, and let them burn your clothes also make sure that you iron both sides of the clothing.

Some of the appliances required to iron your clothes professionally:

  • • Steam iron
  • • Pressing cloth
  • • Ironing board
  • • Ironing board cover
  • • Spray bottle
  • • Sleeve board
  • • Pressing ham

Be confident with your fine-edged clothes with the best ironing service in Abu Dhabi.