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Does Your Clothes Live Long? Some Tips To Care Your Clothes

We need to concentrate on the garment care that begins at home if we want to shift our perspectives on fashion and adopt a more sustainable method of shopping. In the end, it is up to us to begin viewing clothes as investment pieces rather than trends to don occasionally.

Being one of the best laundry service in Khalifa city, here we give you some tips on how to make your clothes last longer.

Wash Less

Before you wash your clothes, pause. Too much washing can actually shorten the lifespan of clothing by damaging the fibres. This is particularly true of dry washing, which flattens some materials’ natural fibre follicles by using hazardous chemicals.

Try hanging it outside or in a steamy bathroom to breathe first if an item doesn’t need to be cleaned but just needs to be freshened up.

Wash at Low Temperature

When it’s time to wash your garments, do it at a cooler temperature. To maintain the fabric clean and soft and to avoid colour fading, wash garments at a low temperature using a gentle and natural laundry detergent. Washing at 30° or lower helps to reduce those emissions while also protecting your clothing.

For an average shirt lasting over a year, 80% of the emissions produced during the ‘in-use’ stage of its life cycle are from washing and tumble drying. Underwear, bedding, and towels that come into direct contact with your skin may be the exceptions and require a higher temperature wash.

Use Stain Removal Pens

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been overly elated and spilt some red wine on yourself or gotten grass stains on your brand-new top while out for a walk. Carrying a stain removal pen is an easy way to be ready for any situation.

We’ve all experienced it, and it will happen again. Therefore, be ready the next time it happens and save a perfectly nice item from being ruined by removing the stain as soon as possible before it has a chance to set.

Use Delicates Bags

To prevent delicate clothing or underwear from ripping or being harmed in the washing machine, use delicates bags.

These things are left to fend for themselves without one, scraping against zips and other rough fabrics each time you wash them. An inexpensive and simple approach to extend the life of your intimates is to store them in a delicates bag.

Read Fabric Care Labels

You must read the care labels on garments unless you are an expert launderer with plenty of expertise. Believe it if it says to wash in cold water. Believe the label if it says “dry clean only,” especially if the item is brand new.

You will discover with practise that some items marked “hand wash” can actually be washed in a washer on a gentle cycle. Alternatively, some unstructured clothing, such as knits and sweaters, can be hand-washed rather than dry-cleaned.

Store Clothes Properly

You can probably increase the life of clothing by storing it in folded heaps out of direct sunlight. Many individuals are unaware of how hanging clothes can alter their shapes and outlines. If hanging clothes is necessary, use the appropriate hangers.

For instance, padded hangers are ideal for lingerie and other light clothing, whereas wooden hangers work best for suits and blazers and plastic hangers are suitable for the majority of other articles of clothing. Wire hangers should be entirely avoided.

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