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Can all clothes be Dry Cleaned

Planning a visit to the dry cleaners Abu Dhabi? If yes, then you might be planning to get your clothes cleaned and keep those expensive ones safely away. But what kind of clothes are fit to be dry cleaned? Check out the blog where we explain this in detail.

Dry cleaning, as the name suggests is a process of cleaning clothes and fabrics using chemical solvent only and no water. The difference with normal water based wash and dry clean wash is that in the dry clean process, the chemical solvent doesn’t enter the fabric, but it cleans the surface of the materials equally well. The benefits of dry clean is that it cleans the material well, but doesn’t stretch or shrink.

Manufacturer labels for dry cleaners Abu Dhabi

Every manufacturer is required to specify the ways in which the clothes should be cleaned. These are the specifications, usually:

  1. Dry clean: Dry clean is the recommended method, but not the only method of cleaning
  2. Dry clean only: This is the only way to clean the material
  3. Hand wash
  4. Machine wash

The clothes that you can give to the dry cleaners

Your dry cleaners Abu Dhabi will do a thorough job of cleaning your clothes and materials and they take care to protect your fabric while they do. However, you cannot give certain materials to the cleaners because certain solvents might be harmful to the fabric. Or maybe, they don’t need to be dry cleaned. Let’s examine what those are:

  1. Linen
  2. Silk
  3. Rayon
  4. Leather
  5. Suede

Chemicals used by dry cleaners Abu Dhabi

In the early days, cleaners used a chlorinated solvent to dry clean and since it is not really safe for humans, many dry cleaners Abu Dhabi began to use environment-friendly products and user-friendly solvents to dry clean.

Clothes that need not be dry cleaned with the dry cleaners Abu Dhabi

  1. Fabrics with plastic, PVC or polyurethane in them – Such fabrics could get destroyed when the dry cleaning process is done.
  2. Polyester and other synthetic clothing – It is alright if you dry clean these clothing, but it is not necessary that you should. You can wash them by hand.
  3. Fine-hair wool – Fine-hair wool materials like cashmere or mohair might not do well with dry cleaning. So it would be best to wash them on your own using a mild detergent.
  4. Traditional woollen items – There is no need to wash woollen clothes with a dry cleaners. Wool tolerates water and you can use a mild detergent.

Conclusion: To get the best results from dry cleaners Abu Dhabi

It is important to always read the labels on your clothes. It would help make a good decision regarding their longevity and quality. If you stain the clothing, do not try to clean it yourself if you plan to take it to the cleaners. Any chemicals that you use might interfere with theirs.

You can also point out any stains to the dry cleaners Abu Dhabi so they can mark it and pre-treat them before cleaning.

Take care to remove any special accessories so nothing happens to them during the dry cleaning process.