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10 Secrets For Dry Cleaning Your Clothes And Not Going Broke

Dry cleaning is often perceived to be expensive but people are often unaware that dry cleaning services can be availed at a cost effective method. The advantages of the dry cleaning process are many and a professional dry cleaning service is a long term investment. Dry cleaning is different from traditional cleaning. You cannot wash clothes with sensitive fabric like silk, wool, suede etc using regular washing methods. Doing so will damage such clothes and make them, not fit for use. Dry cleaning using specialized equipments and solvents for the cleaning process prevents fabric distortion, loss of color, fabric shrinking etc. Dry cleaning helps in maintaining the quality of fabric and make them last longer ultimately saving money. Asfar Laundry, best dry cleaners in Abu Dhabi offers excellent service at affordable price. Choose Asfar Laundry, if you are looking for dry cleaning Abu Dhabi.


10 secrets for dry cleaning your clothes and not going broke

1. Give your clothes for dry cleaning in batches

Piling up clothes and giving them to dry cleaners Abu Dhabi after a very long period of time is unhygienic, can damage clothes and incur more cost. A large pile of clothes costs you more money when compared to less quantity of clothes. Clothes that are not cleaned can also attract pests which can ruin the clothes and also as the time goes by the stains in the clothes become more stubborn and difficult to remove. Hence it is always recommended to give clothes for dry cleaning in batches.

2. Sort the clothes which have sensitive fabric

Another great way to save on your budget is to sort the clothes of different fabric. Instead of giving all your clothes to dry cleaning sort and classify the clothes before giving it for dry cleaning.

3. Find a laundry service offering competitive price

Instead of blindly choosing dry cleaners Abu Dhabi, search for dry cleaning Abu Dhabi that offers affordable and reasonable price.

4. Give your laundry to quality dry cleaners

It is important to choose dry cleaners Abu Dhabi who provide quality service. Dry cleaners who are not experienced and does not have proper resources can damage you clothes. Loss of clothes equals loss of money.

5. Search for a convenient option

Choose a service of dry cleaning Abu Dhabi, which is convenient for you. Professional laundry service providers will have delivery and pick up. This will save your time and expenses incurred for transportation.

6. Choose service providers who follow proper policies and procedures

Well laid down policies and procedures reflect the professionalism of a business. They will have proper refund policies and other delivery policies.

7. Look into the add on services

Majority of the professional dry cleaners will offer add on services like ironing and folding. Before you give your laundry, look into such services.

8. Get reviews and ratings

In order to eliminate future regret it is advisable to look into the reviews and ratings of different dry cleaners. From the different options available you can choose the best dry cleaners in Abu Dhabi.

9. Try to give a sample batch to know more about the service

If you are apprehensive to try new dry cleaners try giving a small number of clothes and see the results of the service.

10. Keep a proper schedule

A proper schedule helps you to plan better. Keep aside the budget allocated for dry cleaning accordingly. This will save you from the trouble of unexpected costs.

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